Sarah Silk


  • NY8 Feldenkrais® Professional Training Program w/ David Zemach-Bersin, currently in the 3rd of 4 yrs 

  • MFA Acting, Rutgers University 

  • BA Philosophy, University of Chicago

  • Myofascial Release Barnes Certification, MFR 1

  • YogaWorks 200-hour Yoga Certification, Elizabeth Neuse-Flint

  • Pilates Comprehensive Mat & Apparatus, CorePilates NYC

  • The Studio NYC Acting Conservatory

  • Fitzmaurice, Micheal Chekhov, Alexander, Williamson, Laban, Lucid Body, & Yin Yoga

Beyond my formal education, my studies are ongoing.  When I train in a movement technique, it's only the beginning of a life-long practice & inquiry.  As I study more techniques for longer periods of time, I bring them together in ways I could never have predicted when I began.  I regularly continue my education in various workshops, visits with my teachers & therapists, and through a personal movement practice. 


My movement practice helped me overcome severe chronic back pain.  After years of dissatisfaction with traditional methods of physical therapy & chiropractic care, I sought out the best teachers & mentors in the most cutting edge somatic techniques, and over time I learned a safe & sustainable approach to understanding, treating, & exploring my own physical challenges.  My movement practice now does much more than treat & prevent pain;  it gives me confidence to try new things, puts simplicity & comfort into my daily activities, elevates my mood, teaches me deep knowledge about myself, and stimulates my curiosity about the nature of learning & the human condition.

I'm interested in giving a person the tools they need to do the activities they want do, whatever they may be. Therefore, I'm interested in function, quality, sustainability, efficiency, ease, self-awareness, & independence.  The methods I use consider the complicated interdependence of all the systems in a human being;  I treat the person from a whole body/whole person perspective.  No muscle or function is isolated, no joint disconnected from another, no body viewed as without a brain, and no brain as without a nervous system, habits, emotions, an evolution, consciousness, humanity ...  It is this outlook that I believe is most promising in treating the once untreatable and helping people realize their own unique & limitless potential. 

Current Class Offering:

Awareness Through Movement®

Class cancelled until further notice.

Outdoors & Using Safe Physical Distancing

Fridays 6pm

Frick Park Bowling Greens

BYO mat & 2-3 towels/blankets as props


Read here for details on the method & class.  

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