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Sarah Silk


  • NY8 Feldenkrais® Professional Training Program w/ David Zemach-Bersin

  • MFA Acting, Rutgers University 

  • BA Philosophy, University of Chicago

  • Myofascial Release Barnes Certification, MFR 1

  • YogaWorks 200-hour Yoga Certification, Elizabeth Neuse-Flint

  • Pilates Comprehensive Mat & Apparatus, CorePilates NYC

  • The Studio NYC Acting Conservatory

  • Fitzmaurice, Micheal Chekhov, Alexander, Williamson, Laban, Lucid Body, & Yin Yoga

Beyond my formal education, my studies are ongoing.  When I train in a movement technique, it's only the beginning of a life-long practice and inquiry.  As I study more techniques for longer periods of time, I bring them together in ways I could never have predicted when I began.  I regularly continue my education in various workshops, visits with my teachers and therapists, and through a personal movement practice. 


My movement practice helped me overcome severe chronic back pain.  After years of dissatisfaction with traditional methods of physical therapy and chiropractic care, I sought out the best teachers and mentors in the most cutting edge somatic techniques, and over time I learned a safe and sustainable approach to understanding, treating, and exploring my own physical challenges.  My movement practice now does much more than treat and prevent pain;  it gives me confidence to try new things, puts simplicity and comfort into my daily activities, elevates my mood, teaches me deep knowledge about myself, and stimulates my curiosity about the nature of learning and the human condition.

I'm interested in giving a person the tools they need to do the activities they want do, whatever they may be.  Therefore, I'm interested in function, quality, sustainability, efficiency, ease, self-awareness, and independence.  People who come to me for help are approached via their whole self and humanity.  No muscle or function is isolated, no joint is viewed without its relation to others, no body viewed as without a brain, nervous system, habits, emotions, an evolution, consciousness, humanity ...  It is this outlook that I believe is most promising in treating the once untreatable and helping people realize their own unique and limitless potential. 

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