About Feldenkrais®

The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education®

People discover Feldenkrais® for a range of reasons:  to recover from an injury, find relief from chronic pain, excel in an art or sport, find new options for healing a disfunction or disease, sit or walk more comfortably in daily life, explore alternative psychological therapy, or reduce stress ...  Whatever your reason, Feldenkrais® will teach you how to sense & feel your own individual movement habits through slow, gentle, & safe movements that integrate your whole self.  Learn to move simpler, lighter, & with more ease - whatever your unique challenges may be.  When you learn to move easier, you also feel better.  The idea is that your movement isn't separate from you - it IS you.  Improve your movement, improve your self.  

The Feldenkrais® method was invented by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), a physicist, engineer, & the 1st European Judo master. With his unique mix of knowledge & forward-thinking sensibility, Moshe Feldenkrais developed & shared his method over the course of decades, writing 9 books & holding 3 teacher training programs in the process.


Unlike currently popular methods of physical & mental therapy, Feldenkrais® addresses the nature of humanity and human movement from an integrated perspective, including such topics as calming your nervous system, using your brain to make lasting behavioral changes, developing one's kinesthetic skills (knowing where you are & how you move in space), & creating an environment in which experiential learning is encouraged.  So instead of giving you a symptom-based, one-size-fits-all prescription,  Feldenkrais®  improves your overall health, function, & mood by providing you a layered experience in which you can learn to sense yourself in space more clearly, improve the quality of your movements, increase your movement choices, & better coordinate between the many parts of you.

There are two ways to learn Feldenkrais®:  in the group class format known as Awareness Through Movement®  and in the one-on-one format known as Functional Integration®.  At this time, I'm not offering Functional Integration® lessons. I do teach Awareness Through Movement® :


Awareness Through Movement®

Fridays 6pm

Frick Park Lawn Bowling Greens


July 10th is still on. Some scattered thunderstorms are possible, so I may need to cancel last minute, but for now, we are STILL ON. Bring towels or blankets for side-lying!

Awareness Through Movement® (also known as ATM) classes take you through a cumulative series of slow, gentle, & functionally-based movements to provide you an exploratory experience in learning to sense & feel how you move.  Because Feldenkrais® works with your awareness - via your brain, nervous system, & kinesthetic abilities - your whole self becomes involved in the process.  Classes typically begin lying down on the ground, may include standing or sitting, and last between 45 minutes to an hour.  Each class is different & revolves around a specific functional movement theme.  At the end of class, students are often amazed by the results, because they have that feeling you get after ATM, like you're "walking on air"'That feeling' is hard to describe - somehow lighter, clearer, more connected, calmer, happier even ...  come to class & experience it for yourself. 

Pay what you believe is sustainable for you.  No one will be turned away if they do not have the funds to pay for class. Please bring cash or Venmo me (@Sarah-Silk-2). 

Please bring your own mat (or two!) and least  2 towels/ blankets to use as props.  You will be lying down on the grassy, tree-rooted ground, so bring whatever you need to feel generally comfortable doing so.


Physical distancing will be practiced to ensure the safety of the students.  If you know you'll be there, please reach out to me & let me know.  But you can also just show up!  Cancellations will be listed here.


Take advantage of this rare opportunity – this is the only ATM class being offered in the entire Pittsburgh area!

Current Class Offering:

Awareness Through Movement

Outdoors & Using Safe Physical Distancing

Fridays 6pm

Frick Park Bowling Greens

BYO mat & 2-3 towels/blankets as props


Please contact me for more info or to sign up!

Class cancellations will be listed here. 

July 10th is still on. Some scattered thunderstorms are possible, so I may need to cancel last minute, but for now, we are STILL ON. Bring towels or blankets for side-lying!

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