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Articles & Resources on the Methods

The methods I use are unlike most physical therapies or exercises, because they consider the complicated interdependence of all the systems in a human being. I treat the person from a whole body/whole person perspective.  No muscle is isolated, no joint disconnected from another, no function taken in isolation, no body viewed as without a brain, and no brain without a history, a nervous system, habits, emotions, an evolution, and a consciousness...  It is this outlook that I believe is most promising in treating the once untreatable and helping people realize their own unique & limitless potential. 


 "I felt like I was walking on air"
Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain


“If you're suffering pain or a loss of mobility from an injury or a stroke, you might want to give Feldenkrais a try.”
Pgh Post Gazette
Feldenkrais: helping the body adjust to problems


A different way to relieve years of back pain

Washington Post


Teaching the body how to program the brain is Moshe’s ‘miracle’
Smithsonian Magazine


"She will dance at her wedding": Healing the girl born without part of her brain
Salon Media Group


Relearn to Walk
Experience Life Magazine
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