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Learn to sense & feel your own movement patterns through slow & gentle functionally-based movements that integrate the whole skeleton.  Find ways to work with gravity, so that functional movements become easier and simpler. 


Awareness Through Movement® classes take you through a cumulative series of slow gentle movements while guiding your attention to the subtle effects of those movements.  Classes typically begin lying down on the ground, may include standing or sitting, and last between 45 minutes to an hour.  Using a profound understanding of the biophysical functional relationships of the whole body & brain, Awareness Through Movement® (also known as ‘ATM’) helps you improve your everyday movement and self-image.  Whether you’re looking to learn to sit or walk more comfortably, excel in a sport or art, recover from injury, illness, or chronic pain, reduce stress, or develop a deeper self-awareness, ATM classes present an amazing opportunity to improve one’s overall well-being.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  Please bring a mat and/or blanket or other accessories you may need to lie comfortably on the floor.

Awareness Through Movement® is the group class format of the Feldenkrais® method of somatic education. Take advantage of this rare opportunity – this is the only ATM class being offered in the entire Pittsburgh area!

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