Awareness Through Movement® Classes Online via Zoom

Awareness Through Movement® (also known as ATM) classes take you through a cumulative series of slow, gentle, and functionally-based movements to provide you an exploratory experience in learning to sense and feel how you move.  Because Feldenkrais® works with your awareness - via your brain, nervous system, and kinesthetic abilities - your whole self becomes involved in the process.

Classes typically begin lying down on the ground, may include standing or sitting, and last between 40 minutes to an hour.  Each class revolves around a specific functional movement theme.  At the end of class, students are often amazed by the results, because they have that feeling you get after ATM, like you're "walking on air".  'That feeling' is hard to describe - somehow lighter, clearer, more connected, calmer, happier even ...  come to class and experience it for yourself.  

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Mondays   8pm  EST

Tuesdays    8am EST

Wednesdays   12pm EST

Thursdays    9:30am EST (Fundamentals*)


10 classes for $100**

pay via Venmo @Sarah-Silk-2  

(Or you can send a check if you prefer, but your payment must be received before class. If you want to use PayPal, there'll be 3% + $.33 fee, totaling $15.75 per class or $103.50 for 10 classes)

*The 'Fundamentals' class is open to all students, but will be especially helpful for senior citizens, those currently healing from injury or pain, or anyone with difficulty moving.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

**Sliding scale available.  No one will be turned away because of lack of funds.  Please contact me for details. 


Current Class Offering:

Awareness Through Movement®

Online on Zoom

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Mondays 8pm EST

Tuesdays 8am EST

Wednesdays 12pm EST

Thursdays (Fundamentals) 9:30am EST


10 classes for $100*

Read here for details.  

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Feldenkrais images: ©International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden